The following are actual comments received from our customers. However, because of our strict commitment to confidentiality, the customer names and company names are not revealed.


" Tissue Source always provide excellent customer service, and quality products. They communicate well and are extremely courteous. This is not the first time we’ve looked to Tissue Source for products, and it won’t be the last. Thank you again for your services!"

Analytical Scientist, R & D Department, Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

" You are the best, I recommend you frequently without reservation or qualification. We look forward to a very long and mutually beneficial relationship."

Chief Science Officer, Medical Device Company

" You are very easy to work with. "

Research Lab Manager

"Candice went above and beyond to accommodate our project needs."

Senior Research Scientist, Major Consumer Goods Organization

"I received the tissue samples this morning. Very well packaged and good quality sections. Nice job on trimming away the muscle and fat."

Quality Control Technician, Major Applied Science and Technology Development Company

"Just want to let you know the tissue came nicely packed and in very good condition. They were prepared just as I’d hoped they would be. Thank you for your assistance in setting up the collection."

Research and Development Scientist, Regenerative Medicine/Medical Device Company

"I've analyzed the pericardium for thickness, and I'd like to commend you all for a great product! You pretty much nailed the 150-250 micron thickness specification. This tissue will work well for my application. It was a real pleasure to deal with you all."

Biology/Bioengineering Instructor, Large State University

"[The Tissues] were well-flushed, and we were overall satisfied with the perfusion."

Director of Product Development, Regenerative Medicine/Medical Device Company